Civic Engagement

We work to increase electoral participation of Asian Americans and other communities of color in Northern Virginia, because each voter we educate and turn out helps amplify Asian American voices, bring us closer to a true representative democracy, and advance social, economic, and racial justice in Virginia’s Asian American communities. Our grassroots organizing work aims to educate, mobilize, and protect voters through canvassing, phone banking, texting, mailers, and poll monitoring.

Voting in Virginia

We’ve compiled nonpartisan information in English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese to help you and your friends and family make a plan to vote in the following Virginia elections- including instructions on the different methods of voting, pertinent deadlines, and ways to get involved.

NAKASEC VA's Summer 2021 NLC intern Hana Cho leaving canvassing materials at a door
Sami doing election protection work
Sookyung doing exit polling with a community member
NAKASEC VA volunteers phone banking

Get Involved

If you have any questions or want to know the latest volunteer opportunities, contact our Civic Engagement Manager, Jasmine Leu, at